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Programming: libraries

GerenalSDK for work with sound & 3d sound

Download 7394 Kb OpenAL specification v1.0 (draft) and reference. API-specification, mixture of OpenGL v1.2 specification and OpenGL Programming Guide, second edition. OpenAL (Open Audio Library) is the program interface for operation with computer audio equipment. The interface includes a set of functions and the operations, permitting to create high-quality audio sounding; primary goal OpenAL is allocation of possibility of creation multichannel volumetric audio soundings. OpenAL represents simple and understandable interface providing basic control functions with a sound, namely: positioning, Dopler effect and some other. However the interface does not give possibility of implementation of sound reflections, reverberation, barriers overcoming and other more complex effects.
Download 19356 Kb EAX v2.0 SDK, specifications, EAGLE v2.0 (Environmental Audio Librarian Editor) and EAX-AC3 extension for OpenAL, by Creative Labs. EAX v2.0 (Environmental Audio Extensions) specification and description. EAX represents considerably more advanced operation mechanism with sound, than OpenAL or MS DirectSound. There are ample opportunities of implementation of such complex effects, as barriers overcoming, reverberations, surround sound and other effects. The archive includes also extension and description of EAX-AC3 for OpenAL, giving possibility of operation with audio in Dolby Digital AC3 format.
Download 5312 Kb A3D v3.0 SDK by Aurial Inc. A3D is a mechanism and the interface for creation of positioning audio, in a basis of it's implementation there is usage of so-called HRTF (Head Related Transfer Functions) - audio processing functions which use data obtained in laboratory conditions with the help of a test mannequin. A3D gives the following possibilities: handle of amplification, height, panning, orientation in 3d, Dopler-effect, handle of sound speed, sound dependence on room geometry. Apparently, A3D, as well as DirectSound and OpenAL does not give possibility of creation of such effects, as reverberation and barriers overcoming.

Other libraries and functions

Download 4 Mb FMod v4.04.24 (API + Documentation). The description of possibilities of this library occupies a set of sheets. The main function: playing of a sound in various formats (from simple .WAV and СD, up to almost all known tracker modules and OGG/WMA/MP3-files) in programs on Delphi/C/VB/Asm, using DirectSound, A3D and the own architecture. There are versions under all possible operating systems: from Windows to *nix and WinCE. Some of the features: synchronization, positioning, sound processing, effects and many other things. In archive - itself API for every possible languages and complete description API. homepage
Download 621  Kb BASS v2.3 (with WMA support & C# support). BASS is a universal sound system for reproduction of sound samples (MP3/WAV/OGG)/CD and tracker modules. Admits as one of the most qualitative systems for reproduction tracker modules. Synchronization with program events is supported. API: C/C ++/Visual Basic/Delphi, TMT Pascal is also supported. homepage
Download 2311 Kb AntFFT v1.0 build 23 - a small set of functions for fast Fourier fast transformation. The library is intended for those who does not own C ++, but wants to try the forces in use FFT. Description: Readme.htm. Author: ANT
Download 1277 Kb Audio-sampling Prerelease 4. The small library for C Builder 3/4/5, namely a set from three component which are able to grasp a sound from any source, make FFT and display spectrum of 3 various types. Description: readme.html. Author: Lucian Wischik, homepage
DownloadDownload 151 Kb + 3143 Kb Audio Tools Library v2.3 for Borland Delphi. This library will help to make support of many actual audio formats, and is more concrete - to read out the data from files and their tags. Testing sources are included in the archive, so you can build in this library to your project very easily. Audio Tools Library - the pack includes the classes described above
MPEGaudio 1.7 - for manipulating with MPEG audio file information
ID3v1 1.0 - for manipulating with ID3v1 tags
ID3v2 1.7 - for manipulating with ID3v2 tags
WAVFile 1.2 - for extracting information from WAV file header
OggVorbis 1.6 - for manipulating with Ogg Vorbis file information
MPEGplus 1.6 - for manipulating with MPEGplus file information
TwinVQ 1.1 - for extracting information from TwinVQ file header
Monkey 1.4 - for manipulating with Monkey's Audio file information
APEtag 1.0 - for manipulating with APE tags
WMAfile 1.0 - for extracting information from WMA file header
FLACfile 1.0 - for manipulating with FLAC file information
AACfile 1.0 - for manipulating with AAC file information
CDAtrack 1.0 - for getting information for CDA track
Author: Jurgen Faul, homepage