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Welcome to WebSound.Ru. WebSound.Ru - is a weekly electronic magazine devoted to the digital sound, music & creativity. Here you will find news, technical articles, software and hardware announcements and many other things concerned with digital sound, music and digital audio creativity.
Yours faithfully,
Alex Radzishevsky

The e-mag started: 7th of May, 2000
The author: Alex Radzishevsky
Author's homepage is here

News and announcements

Opening words from the author of WebSound.Ru

WebSound.Ru is my solo non-commercial Internet project which I work on since 2000. This e-magazine is devoted to all aspects of digital sound and music. I am proud of my continuous involvement with Websound, as today this Russian web resource has became a second home for different sound and music enthusiasts all over the world.

WebSound.Ru issues are published about twice a month. The latest issue is always available on the main page (alternatively, you can read it in automatic English translation).

You may be also interested in visiting WebSound.Ru/reTracked - a project devoted to tracker music.


I like working on WebSound.Ru issues. I like that because I love sound, music, computers and creativity. WebSound.Ru in its source is Russian-oriented, i.e. all updates, news and articles are written in Russian. Preparing each particular issue of WebSound.Ru takes a lot of time, thus I don't have time for translations. I really would like to make two full versions of WebSound.Ru (Russian and English), but unfortunately I have no time for that, sorry. The site is translated into English only partially. The only sections, that are fully translated are: the "Software" section and the "Projects" section. There are also some of my articles written in English.

Under the "Projects" section you can find out several interesting pages like "Music collections", "Music styles" and "Music twins".

If you wish to get an automated English/German/French translation of the main Russian-speaking page (with all the news, announcements, thoughts and etc.), click on one of the links below:

Translate WebSound.Ru into English / German / French

NOTE! The translating takes some time - if you see partially blank page after clicking on the translation link for minute or so - take a deep breathe and continue waiting... :-)

If you need to translate something else from Russian into English (including pages from this site) you can use http://www.online-translator.com/ service - an automated translator.

Have a pleasent browsing!

Sincerely yours,
Alex Radzishevsky,
the author of http://websound.ru,